No matter your real estate experience, buying a house will be one of your largest financial investments. Every property you purchase is a step on the real estate ladder, helping you build your real estate wealth portfolio. We know that where, what and when you buy will be reflected in your home’s resale and appreciation.

At Lillian Montalto Signature Properties International, we use our market knowledge and negotiation expertise to deliver the best possible results.

Here is how we will ensure your success when buying a house:

Our Trusted Guidance

Whether you’re buying a house for the first time or the tenth, there’s no doubt that you’ll have questions. From the very beginning, our Team will make sure that we understand every one of your needs in an effort to answer your inquiries and lead you to the right home. Our Team brings honesty and expertise to every home purchase, notifying you exactly what you need to hear during showings, at the offer table and at every other step of the home buying process.

An Experienced Team

Our Team has been helping clients purchase properties for 30+ years. We have experienced an array of different markets and have lead buyers to an educated, confident home purchase. We are a Team of full-time real estate agents who follow a systemized approach to buying a home. Each member of Lillian Montalto Signature Properties International uses their strengths in their designated role to bring our clients outstanding results that you will not find anywhere else. Our Team strives to be your lifelong resource for homeownership advice and guidance. We will be readily available to help you even after the deal is closed and you are settled into your new home. Real estate is what we do; relationships are why we do it.

Our Neighborhood Expertise

When buying a house, one of the first factors you should consider is location. Your surrounding community will influence everything from your day-to-day life to your home’s resale value. Our Team lives and works in the Andover area; we have a first-hand insight into the best residential real estate and most reputable schools, from Boston to South New Hampshire.

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