Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is one of the first steps you should take when preparing to purchase a home–but not all mortgage services are created equal. Here at Lillian Montalto Signature Properties International, we ensure that the professionals we recommend will provide our clients with the same top-tier service that we are well-known for.

Here’s how our reputable Team will help you with your mortgage services:

The First Step

After you’ve hired our Team to help you purchase a home, we will connect you with a lender to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This step allows you to determine your budget, creating a streamlined home search without wasting time on properties that don’t fit your means. Together, you will review your income, credit, debt, goals and other financial factors that will influence your pre-approval amount.

Our Recommended Lender

We are partnered with a trusted local loan officer who we confidently recommend our clients to. Recently named the #1 Loan Officer in Massachusetts and in the top 5 nationally, Shant Banosian approaches business with a professional, compartmentalized Team. Similar to Lillian Montalto Signature Properties International, his team is comprised of key players that excel in their field to create a top-of-the-line business.

Shant Banosian and Guaranteed Rate offer low rate, low fee mortgages. Their team will locate the best rates and will guide you through a simple process from start to finish. With unparalleled customer service, customized loan products and quick turnaround times, Shant Banosian and the Guaranteed Rate Team will provide you with the best possible mortgage services.

To contact our recommended mortgage lender directly, you can visit Shant’s website here or…


Cell: 617-827-6674

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